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Climate Science

Climate Science faculty, staff and students study the marine and terrestrial geologic record to understand the history and dynamics of natural climate variability, and use models, satellite products and observations to investigate the mechanisms of contemporary climate variability and anthropogenic change. We investigate the connections between climate and society, seeking to understand the dynamics of change in natural and human systems.

Featured Faculty Research

Large eddy simulation in ocean models
Baylor Fox-Kemper

Much of the memory of coupled climate models, from seasons to centuries, is the oceanic component, and the majority of the subsurface ocean energy is held in mesoscale eddies. These eddies transport energy, momentum, salinity, and other tracers, and thereby affect the climate. Yet only recently have computational capabilities made it possible to run climate models at sufficient resolution to permit or resolve larger eddies, enabling us to avoid many uncertain parameters approximating the influence of eddies at unresolved scales.  Research within IBES is improving the representation of these eddies in ocean models, and through collaborations with modeling centers worldwide a new generation of these simulations is being made.


Amanda Lynch

Director of IBES
Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Polar climate modeling, Indigenous environmental knowledge, Climate policy analysis

Baylor Fox-Kemper

Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Climate, Oceans, Modeling, Turbulence, Waves

Timothy Herbert

Henry L. Doherty Professor of Oceanography
Professor of Environmental Studies
Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

El Niño climate cycle, Ocean temperature change, Ocean carbon cycle, Natural climate variability

Jung-Eun Lee

Assistant Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Chlorophyll fluorescence, Climate, Climate modeling, Crop yield and climate, Disease outbreaks and climate, Global water cycle, Mountains and climate, Paleoclimate, Plants and climate, Remote sensing, Stable isotopes

James Russell

Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Theme Leader, Food and Water

Climate, Paleoclimate, Limnology, Tropics

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