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Conflict and Climate Change: Lessons from the Little Ice Age (Dagomar Degroot)

Dec 1, 2017
IBES 015

Speaker: Dagomar Degroot, Georgetown University

Dagomar Degroot bridges the humanities and the sciences to investigate how people confront changes in the natural world. He is an expert on the history of climate change; the environmental causes and consequences of war; and interdisciplinary methodology. He is passionate about using public and digital histories to break the barriers that too often separate academics from the public. 

In his articles and conference papers, Professor Degroot finds examples of human resilience in the face of climate changes caused by human and natural forces, from the sixteenth century to the present. His ongoing projects trace the human consequences of seventeenth-century cooling in the Arctic; investigate connections between climate change and conflict; and identify social responses to environmental changes in outer space. 

Professor Degroot is the founder and director of, a website that receives more than 200,000 hits annually. He is the co-founder and co-director of the Climate History Network, an organization with more than 150 multidisciplinary members. He hosts the Climate History Podcast, is the secretary of the International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations, and is on the steering committee of the War and Environment Network.

More information coming soon. 

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