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About The Institute

The most pressing issues of a sustainable society do not live in a vacuum.


Neither do we.

We are: The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society,

A community of experts who tackle complex sustainability challenges as equals, unhampered by disciplinary boundaries.

Together, we build on what we know today to craft the questions and the approaches that will help us solve for a better tomorrow.

Our students are not just taught.



They are actively engaged in solving the sustainability challenges we face today - 

In the classroom and the community,

Locally and globally,

Through coursework and research,

And across every level of academia.

When they leave Brown, our graduates are not only armed with an education, but with the tools to become leaders shaping a sustainable future.

The costs of human advancement are rapidly becoming a threat to future generations on earth.

While we have been tackling questions of sustainability for years, we no longer have the luxury of time.

That’s why at IBES, we focus our efforts on the people and systems most at risk.

Through research and education, we fortify the vulnerable with knowledge, empowering them to make informed choices that can improve their livelihood, their well-being, and the environment...

Making an impact

Where it matters most.

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