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IBES faculty clips among most-watched in Brown media

In a recent series of scholarly videos filmed for the Brown Choices Program, IBES faculty members Dov Sax and J. Timmons Roberts discuss the effects of climate change on vulnerable human and ecological populations. In a testament to the relevance and importance of their work, these short films quickly became the most-watched clips in the series. Click the links to check out Sax's and Roberts' videos. 

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — In order to effect positive change in their communities, students must be able to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and the challenges that face their wider community. Facilitating these connections is the aim of Brown's Choices program. Choices is a non-profit organization that develops educational content for young people, with a view toward fostering a more engaged mindset.

Through their participation in the Choices program, IBES scientists Dov Sax and J. Timmons Roberts offer their unique perspectives on some of the challenges of long-term environmental sustainability. In the video clips, Sax describes his research into the contrasting effects of climate change on various species while Roberts discusses the impact of a warming planet on especially sensitive human populations. Together, their work captures IBES's unique mission - to dissect the challenges of sustainablity and explore innovative solutions that will benefit the planet's most vulnerable populations. 

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