Institute at Brown for Environment and SocietyIBES

Institute Fellows

Amanda Lynch

Director of IBES
Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Polar climate modeling, Indigenous environmental knowledge, Climate policy analysis

Dov Sax

Deputy Director of IBES
Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Conservation biology, Species' responses to climate change, Species invasions

Scott Frickel

Director of Graduate Studies, IBES
Associate Professor of Sociology

Environment-society interactions, Experts and knowledge/ignorance, Social movements, Social theory, Risk and disaster, Urbanization

Lint Barrage

Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies

Environmental and public economics, Policy design and analysis, Climate change, Integrated assessment climate-economy modeling

Bathsheba Demuth

Assistant Professor of History

Environmental history, Russian & North American Arctic, Climate, Energy

Meredith Hastings

Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Atmospheric chemistry, Nitrogen biogeochemistry, Stable isotopes

James Kellner

Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Structure and dynamics of tropical forests, Environmental remote sensing

Stephen Porder

Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Landscape-scale biogeochemistry in tropical forests, Tropical agriculture

J. Timmons Roberts

Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies
Professor of Sociology
Climate and Development Lab 

Climate change policy, Environmental social science, UNFCCC, Climate justice

Leah VanWey

Professor of Sociology
Associate Provost for Academic Space 

Climate and agriculture, Land use change, Human migration and environment

Teaching Fellows

Dawn King

Director of Undergraduate Studies, IBES
Lecturer in Environment and Society

Local food policy and politics, US energy policy and politics, Climate change and agriculture

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