Institute at Brown for Environment and SocietyIBES

Institute Fellows

Amanda Lynch

Director of IBES
Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Polar climate modeling, Indigenous environmental knowledge, Climate policy analysis

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Dov Sax

Deputy Director of IBES
Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Conservation biology, Species' responses to climate change, Species invasions

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Lint Barrage

Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies

Environmental and public economics, Policy design and analysis, Climate change, Integrated assessment climate-economy modeling

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Bathsheba Demuth

Assistant Professor of History

Environmental history, Russian & North American Arctic, Climate, Energy

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Scott Frickel

Professor of Sociology

Environment-society interactions, Experts and knowledge/ignorance, Social movements, Social theory, Risk and disaster, Urbanization

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Meredith Hastings

Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Atmospheric chemistry, Nitrogen biogeochemistry, Stable isotopes

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Tyler Kartzinel

Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Environment and Society

Conservation biology, molecular ecology, and the evolution of species interactions

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James Kellner

Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Structure and dynamics of tropical forests, Environmental remote sensing

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Brian Lander

Assistant Professor of History and Environment and Society

Environmental history and archaeology of China, Human impact on the biosphere

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Stephen Porder

Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Assistant Provost for Sustainability

Landscape-scale biogeochemistry in tropical forests, Tropical agriculture

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J. Timmons Roberts

Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies
Professor of Sociology
Climate and Development Lab 

Climate change policy, Environmental social science, UNFCCC, Climate justice

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Leah VanWey

Professor of Sociology
Associate Provost for Academic Space 

Climate and agriculture, Land use change, Human migration and environment

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Teaching Fellows

Dawn King

Director of Undergraduate Studies, IBES
Senior Lecturer in Environment and Society

Local food policy and politics, US energy policy and politics, Climate change and agriculture

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Samiah Moustafa

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environment and Society

Cryosphere, hydrology, climatology, remote sensing, and surface albedo

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H. Curtis Spalding

Professor of the Practice of Environment and Society

Environmental protection advocacy, policy, and administration

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Kurt Teichert

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Sustainable design and environmental stewardship

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