Institute at Brown for Environment and SocietyIBES


Jennifer Bates

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Archaeology and the Ancient World

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Brian Lander

Assistant Professor of Environment and Society & History

Environmental history and archaeology of China, Human impact on the biosphere

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Elizabeth Lord

Visiting Lecturer in Environment and Society

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John Mustard

Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Professor of Environmental Studies

Earth, environmental and planetary processes, How the Earth is changing due to natural and human forces, Remote sensing, Spatial and temporal analysis of change

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Christopher Neill

Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (MBL)
Phyllis and Charles M. Rosenthal Director of the Brown-Marine Biological Laboratory Partnership

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Stephen Porder

Assistant Provost for Sustainability
Professor of Environment and Society & 
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Landscape-scale biogeochemistry in tropical forests, Tropical agriculture

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Andrew Scherer

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Associate Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World

Bioarchaeology, Landscape archaeology, Ancient subsistence, War and violence, Mexico, Guatemala

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Peter van Dommelen

Joukowsky Family Professor of Archaeology and Professor of Anthropology
Director of the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World

Archaeology, Ancient agriculture, Mediterranean, Soils

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N. Parker VanValkenburgh

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

GIS and Spatial Analysis, Political Ecology, Environmental Archaeology

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Leah VanWey

Dean, School of Professional Studies
Professor of Environment and Society & 

Climate and agriculture, Land use change, Human migration and environment

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