Specific courses required

  • ITAL 1610 - Dante (can be replaced with ITAL 1620 with the instructor's permission)
  • ITAL 2100 - Introduction to Italian Studies
  • ITAL 2820 - Italian Studies Colloquium
  • ITAL 2900 - Teaching Methodology

Distribution requirements:

  • All students must take at least 3 courses in Medieval/Early Modern Italian Studies and 3 courses in Modern/Contemporary Italian Studies.
  • All students must take at least one 1000- or 2000-level course in three out of the four following disciplinary fields: Italian literature; Italian history and anthropology; History of Italian art and architecture; Italian film and media studies. NB:  one course can fulfill both the chronological and the field requirement (for example: a course in Renaissance art can fulfill both the Medieval/Early Modern and history of Italian art and architecture field requirement). 
  • With the approval of the DGS, distribution requirements can occasionally be fulfilled by pertinent courses taken outside the department. 

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