Undergraduate Concentration

Jews have lived and flourished over thousands of years in a variety of social contexts, stretching from the Land of Israel and the eastern Mediterranean to Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Judaic studies concentrators will have the opportunity to study Jews in these contexts, getting to know their social structures, and what they have created. The subjects of study cover an astonishing range, including Jewish history and society, Jewish law and philosophy, Jewish literature and ritual. Students will learn to unlock this wealth in both the ancient and the modern worlds through a number of academic disciplines - History, Religious Studies, and Literature. These also provide tools for studying and analyzing human societies and cultures in general, for which Jewish experiences provide an important perspective.

Rachel Rojanski
Associate Professor of Judaic Studies and History
Undergraduate Concentration Advisor

Ruth Adler Ben-Yehuda
Senior Lecturer in Judaic Studies 
Undergraduate Concentration Advisor