Welcome to Brown's Center for Language Studies (CLS)


Since 1987, the Center for Language Studies (CLS) has worked to strengthen language study at Brown University. By promoting research on language pedagogy and developing and sharing teaching techniques, courses, programs, and learning resources, CLS strives to facilitate communication among language faculty at Brown, and to encourage students to pursue the innovative language-learning opportunities Brown makes available. CLS houses the Language Resource Center and affiliates include language faculty from every language department on campus.

Testimonials from students about the importance of learning languages at Brown (taken from the responses to the 2015 CLS questionnaire)

"Learning a language at Brown was one of the best academic decisions I made."

"Learning new languages is instrumental in bridging boundaries in today's global society. I think that taking a language while at Brown, especially early on, will open your eyes to a world of people, culture, and experiences that will inspire, surprise, and enlighten you for the rest of your life."

"Studying foreign languages at Brown was one of the best decisions I've made. Joining my classmates in stepping out of my comfort zone and into a new language was a bonding experience like no other."

"These teachers are some of the most concerned, devoted and caring individuals I have encountered as an Undergrad."

"I don't think many people realize how easy and enjoyable it is it learn a completely new language at Brown. From my experience, I feel that anyone can walk into an intro language class with no previous knowledge and enjoy it."

"Chinese is the fourth language I've learned so far, but with every language, I've learned to look at the world in a completely new way."

"Sign language is unique, vivid, and cohesive as its own language; It's changed the way I talk, tell stories, argue, even the way I think."

"Studying Spanish at Brown has not only given me an incredible skill to communicate with other Spanish speakers, but it has also shaped my Brown curriculum to make me a well-rounded student."

"Language learning is all about cultural immersion and the Portuguese and Brazilian Studies department definitely provides me with the opportunities to make myself more involved."