Welcome to the Center for Language Studies (CLS)

Let Languages Be a Part of Your Brown Experience

Did you know there are over 20 languages offered at Brown! You can start from the beginning with a new language or to continue with languages you already speak or have learned. 

Brown's Center for Language Studies currently offers  six world languages and is affiliated with every language department on campus.

At CLS, we strive for excellence in language study at Brown University. By promoting research on language pedagogy and offering programming relating to the teaching and learning of languages, the CLS helps to facilitate communication among language faculty at Brown and to encourage students to pursue the innovative language-learning opportunities Brown makes available. 

Language Placement Exams

If you have prior experience with a language, please take the placement exam for the language you want to study. Click here to view information about the placement exam for each of the languages offered at Brown and be sure to check back for updates.

What is it like to learn a language at Brown?

See what Brown students have to say about their experience with [email protected]!

Why Languages? 

They are the key to cultural understanding. While proficiency in English is essential in many facets of life in the 21st century, at home and abroad, knowledge of English alone is insufficient to meet the nation’s needs in a global society. To find out more, read the report by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Bridging America's Language Gap

What about the faculty? 

Language faculty are amazing. Classes are small, usually fewer than 20 students!  You'll get a chance to know your faculty and they will know you.  Need a recommendation letter? They are the best faculty to ask!

Watch how our language faculty played a game of catch to wish our heartfelt congratulations to Brown Class of 2020!