Courses for Spring 2020

  • Independent Study in Sign Language/Deaf Studies

    Independent study in an area of special interest to the student, with close guidance by a member of the faculty, and leading to a major paper/project. Required of candidates for honors, and recommended for third year students. Section numbers vary by instructor. Please check Banner for the correct section number and CRN to use when registering for this course. Prerequisite: SIGN 0500 or instructor permission.
    SIGN 1910 S01
    Schedule Code
    I: Independent Study/Research
  • American Sign Language I, II

    Introduces basic ASL conversation. Features core vocabulary, common signing phrases, non-manual components (facial expression, body postures), signing space, fingerspelling, numbers, loan signs, cultural protocols, rules of ASL grammar and structure. Deaf cultural behavior is introduced in the classroom and through readings, videotapes, and Deaf community events.
    This is the second half of a year-long course. Students must have taken SIGN 0100 to receive credit for this course. If SIGN 0100 was taken for credit then this course must be taken for credit; if taken as an audit, this course must also be taken as an audit. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by both the academic department and the Committee on Academic Standing.
    SIGN 0200 S02
    Primary Instructor
    SIGN 0200 S03
    Primary Instructor
  • American Sign Language IV

    Intensive use of expressive and receptive skills in complex grammatical structures, advanced classifiers, dialogues, and storytelling techniques. Discussion of social factors that give rise to code-switching; regional and ethnic sign variations; social, political, and cultural evolution of U.S. Deaf community. Interaction with Deaf community in directed and non-directed activities. Prerequisite SIGN 0300 or placement interview.
    SIGN 0400 S01
    Primary Instructor