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Modern Culture and Media is committed to the study of media in the context of the broader examination of modern cultural and social formations. Our curriculum proposes a distinctive subject matter, stresses comparative analysis and theoretical reflection, and highlights the integration of theory and practice, creative thought and critical production. In research and teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level, MCM combines the analysis of diverse texts — visual and verbal, literary and historical, theoretical and popular, imaginative and archival — with the study of contemporary theories of representation and cultural production and creative practice in a range of media. Through studying MCM, students will become critically sophisticated and knowledgeable about the theory, history, and analysis of media and cultural forms. They will also learn to produce innovative work — whether in theory, media practice, or historical scholarship — that interrogates and transforms conventional understandings of these forms. 

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For Oscar-winning special effects 
wizard Scott Anderson ’86, blockbusters are not enough

New Faculty @ Amherst College - Pooja Rangan '12
Assistant Professor of English in Film and Media Studies Pooja Rangan earned her bachelor’s degree at Oberlin College and her master’s and doctorate degrees at Brown University. Her specialties include documentaries and critical theory. 

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