The DUG (Deparment Undergraduate Group) MCM concentrators meeting together every once in awhile in order to plan fun and exciting events that build community among concentrators. They organize student installations and film shows with receptions and more. Come to a meeting and give your input. Email for more information at:

2015-2016 DUG members: Victor Bramble '17, Miles Taylor '18


Friday, April 29
135 Thayer Street, Room 102
MCM Thesis Panel luncheon

What does an MCM Thesis look like? How do you do one? Could I do one? Is it really hard? Will I be able to balance it with my other work? How do I pick an adviser? How do I find readers? What's the difference between Track 1 and Track 2 theses?

Friday, April 29, the MCM DUG will be hosting a panel of MCM seniors who have done theses within both Tracks in the department. They will be answering prepared questions about the thesis process and the unique challenges and rewards of working on their projects as well as answering any questions from the audience. The event is primarily intended for current juniors and sophomores but is open to anyone interested in doing a thesis in MCM.

Join us in Room 102 in 135 Thayer Street at 1 pm. 
FREE Kabob and Curry will be provided. 





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