Facilities and Resources

Located at the southeastern corner of campus, the Music Department houses classrooms, rehearsal and practice spaces, music technology studios, and faculty and administrative offices. With more than 150 events each year, the buildings buzz with musical activity. The anchor of the department is the Orwig Music Building at 1 Young Orchard Avenue with classrooms, the music library, and faculty and administrative offices.

Fulton HallFulton Hall




Classrooms and Offices

 All classrooms are equipped with pianos and sound systems, and many classrooms double as rehearsal or performance space as the culmination of many of our courses is a performance or presentations.

Classes take place in our seminar rooms 109, 112  in Orwig and our small lecture hall room 315 Orwig. Larger lectures and performance classes take place in Grant Recital Hall. The studios at Steinert support courses in our computer music and multimedia (MEME) program, and we also take advantage of teaching space at the Granoff Creative Arts Center.

The main administrative office is room 101 Orwig. Faculty offices are also located in Orwig. 

Orwig 315: A music theory class meets in Orwig 315.Orwig 315: A music theory class meets in Orwig 315.

Practice and Rehearsal Space

The Morrison-Gerard teaching studios and Fulton Hall adjacent to Grant provide additional teaching and rehearsal space. Further down the block, the Steinert Practice Center contains a collection of practice rooms. Also found in Steinert are a choral classroom, a multimedia classroom, the studios for MEME (Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments) our computer music and multimedia program. 

Morrison-Gerard StudiosMorrison-Gerard StudiosMorrison-Gerard Piano studioMorrison-Gerard Piano studio





Steinert HallSteinert HallSteinert practice roomsSteinert practice rooms





Fulton Rehearsal HallFulton Rehearsal Hall






Support and Policies

Problems with a facility? Report it to our facilities manager.

Are you looking to use a facility? You can view our Building Access Policies on Google Docs.

Wind/Jazz instrument storage: There is an extremely limited amount of storage space, which we must reserve for very large instruments. Requests may be emailed to Director Matthew McGarrell. There is no storage available for small or medium sized instruments, except in exceptional circumstances.

Piano Tuning and Repair ServicesOur pianos are tuned by outside consultants. If you are looking to get your home piano tuned or repaired, please contact the vendors directly: Joel LevineKirk Russell - Avery Piano

Practice Rooms policy:  The Steinert Practice Center, on the corner of Hope and Power, contains a collection of soundproof Wenger cubicles, each with a grand or upright piano (or two, in some cases!). Undergraduate & graduate Brown students, RISD students, Summer School students, or anyone with a Brown affiliation (i.e., faculty spouse, faculty member or staff) are eligible to use them. Use of the practice space is first come/first served. Hours of operation: 7 a.m. - 3 a.m. (September-May) 8 a.m. - midnight (June-August). Building access is pre-authorized for all Brown students, faculty, and staff. If you have a problem with your card access, send an email with Brown I.D. number to Lauren Bitsoli, or call 401-863-3234. RISD students are welcome to contact Lauren Bitsoli to arrange for a temporary access card. Please include full name, date of birth, email, mailing address, and gender in your request.