Undergraduate Opportunities in Music

The curriculum of the Department of Music offers liberal-arts students a breadth of opportunities to develop knowledge and skills as listeners, scholars, performers, and creative artists. Courses in history, theory, ethnomusicology, and technology extend critical, analytical, and scientific modes of inquiry taught elsewhere in the University.  Musicianship skills and elements of craft are honed through courses in theory and analysis, counterpoint, orchestration, score reading and conducting, technology, and applied-music instruction.  An array of performance activities together with our offerings in composition and production enable students to explore modes of creative expression.

Concentration Program & Courses

Concentrators in music elect to pursue one of three tracks: 

All three tracks include the foundation courses MUSC0550 and MUSC0560, that constitute a year-long intensive study of principles of voice leading and tonal harmony with a required musicianship lab.  Music Concentrators are encouraged to continue to develop musicianship skills through advanced musicianship and performance courses while taking the mastery courses and electives in their chosen track.