The program for Ethical Inquiry aims to foster philosophical inquiry into the “good (happy, flourishing, meaningful) life” in a manner broadly inspired by the form this inquiry assumed in ancient Greek philosophy (paradigmatically in Stoic philosophy). This form of ethical inquiry is to be distinguished from the modern and more narrowly focused inquiry into the morally good life, to which it is not limited.  The program for Ethical Inquiry also aims to expose students to that form of ethical inquiry in ways appropriate to it, and to revive or strengthen this form of ethical inquiry in philosophy and all other disciplines that may contribute to it.

The program for Ethical Inquiry comprises two deeply interconnected branches: the objective of the teaching branch is to educate students about relevant issues and train them to conduct inquiry into these issues; the objective of the research branch is to foster comprehensive inquiry in all relevant issues and to catalyze the development of a community of research devoted to this form of ethical inquiry.


How charming is divine philosophy!
Not harsh and crabbed as dull fools suppose
But musical as is Apollo's lute
And a perpetual feast of nectared sweets

- John Milton