Brown Affinity Groups, listed below, are supported by the Multicultural Alumni Committee (MAC), a standing committee of the Brown Alumni Association Board of Governors. The groups’ leadership works in collaboration with MAC to engage and re-connect alumni of color to Brown and to each other in vital and meaningful ways that strengthen the mission of the University and enrich the Brown community.

Alumni of Color Initiative

Brown's alumni community strengthens the Brown experience to ensure that diversity remains a central focus at the University. Through the ongoing efforts of The Alumni of Color Initiative (AOCI), students and faculty have begun to capitalize on and secure the gains made on our campus in the past while enhancing the Brown educational experience.


Asian American Alumni Alliance

The Asian/Asian American Alumni Alliance (A4) was created in 2003 to build connections between and among Brown University and its Asian and Asian American alumni.  A4 encourages and facilitates positive experiences and engagement with the University, acts as a conduit and facilitator to adequately address the needs of the Brown Asian and Asian American community and builds partnerships with members of the greater Brown community.


Brown Alumni Association

All Brown alumni are automatically lifelong members of the Brown Alumni Association (BAA), which seeks to unite alumni efforts in support of Brown by nurturing each alumna and alumnus’s relationships with the University and with other alumni. 


Brown University Latino Alumni Council

BULAC maximizes the Brown experience for Latinos, serves as a representative voice for Latino alumni, and assists in the unification of alumni efforts to further and support the interests of Brown University. These goals shall be accomplished through networking, advocacy, and engaging (educationally and socially) Latino members of the Brown Community and others.


Inman Page Black Alumni Council

The Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC) strengthens Brown University by directly addressing the needs and concerns of its Black alumni and establishing a productive interaction among Black alumni, students, faculty and staff. Members endeavor to channel their energies toward broadening opportunities for the Black community of Brown University and maximizing Black alumni participation in the life of the University.


Transgender, Bisexual, Gay & Lesbian Alumni

TBGALA provides LGBTQ alumni/ae with a professional and social network to support and enrich their life pursuits; to reconnect them with campus and the current undergraduate and graduate student population; to marshal alumni/ae experiences to serve the intellectual, cultural, and social well-being of students; to offer role models for the Brown community; and to inform the educational practices of the University.


Multicultural Alumni Committee

In 2000, the Brown Alumni Association and its Multicultural Alumni Committee began to explore a new form of involvement with alumni of color: Councils in which alumni of similar ethnic/cultural backgrounds could celebrate their community’s connections and also address shared concerns. The vibrant multicultural affinity groups listed above are a result of this process.