Full list of Physics Courses

This is a full list of courses offered by the Department of Physics.  The courses are listed by the term (Fall Courses or Spring Courses) in which they are usually offered.  Please note that some courses are not offered every year. 

Please select Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 for current academic year course offering.

Fall Courses

Course Number Course Title
PHYS 0030 Basic Physics
PHYS 0050 Foundations of Mechanics
PHYS 0070 Analytical Mechanics
PHYS 0110 Excursion to Biophysics
PHYS 0111 Are There Extra Dimensions Under Your Bed?
PHYS 0121 Introduction to Environmental Physics: The Quantum Mechanics of Global Warming
PHYS 0270 Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS 0470 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 0720 Methods of Mathematical Physics
PHYS0790 Physics of Matter
PHYS 1270 Extragalactic Astronomy and High-Energy Astrophysics
PHYS 1280 Introduction to Cosmology
PHYS 1410 Quantum Mechanics A
PHYS 1510 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 1530 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 1610 Biological Physics
PHYS 1970 Special Topics in Experimental and Theoretical Physics
PHYS 2010 Techniques in Experimental Physics
PHYS 2020 Mathematical Methods of Engineers and Physicists
PHYS 2030
Classical Theoretical Physics I
PHYS 2050 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 2070 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 2200 Elementary Particle Physics I
PHYS 2320 Quantum Theory of Fields II
PHYS 2410 Solid State Physics I
PHYS 2430 Quantum Many Body Theory
PHYS 2470 Advanced Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 2610C Select Topics in Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 2610D Select Topics in Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 2610E Select Topics in Physics of Locomotion
PHYS 2610F Selected Topics in Collider Physics

Spring Courses

Course Number Course Title
PHYS 0040 Basic Physics
PHYS 0060 Foundations of Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
PHYS 0100 Flat Earth to Quantum Uncertainty: On the Nature and Meaning of Scientific Explanation
PHYS 0112 Alien Worlds: Search for Extra-Solar Planets and Extraterrestrial Life
PHYS 0114 The Science and Technology of Energy
PHYS 0120 Adventures in Nanoworld
PHYS 0160 Introduction to Relativity and Quantum Physics
PHYS 0220 Beginning Astronomy
PHYS 0500 Advanced Classical Mechanics
PHYS 0560 Experiments in Modern Physics
PHYS 1100 Introduction to General Relativity
PHYS 1170 Introduction to Nuclear and High Energy Physics
PHYS 1250 Stellar Structure and the Interstellar Medium
PHYS 1420 Quantum Mechanics B
PHYS 1560 Modern Physics Laboratory
PHYS 1600 Computational Physics
PHYS 1970B
Topics in  Optics
PHYS1970C String Theory for Undergraduates
PHYS 1970E Physics of Energy
PHYS 2010 Techniques in Experimental Physics
PHYS 2040 Classcal Theoretical Physics II
PHYS 2060 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 2100 General Relativity and Cosmology
PHYS 2140 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 2170 Introduction to Nuclear and High Energy Physics
PHYS 2280 Astrophysics and Cosmology
PHYS 2300 Quantum Theory of Fields I
PHYS 2340 Group Theory
PHYS 2420 Solid State Physics II
PHYS 2600 Computational Physics
PHYS 2620F Selected Topics in Molecular Biophysics
PHYS 2620G The Standard Model and Beyond