The Brown Physics graduate program provides students with both focused training and an opportunity to perform independent research in some of the most current vital areas of physics.  Toward this end, we offer two degree programs: the Doctoral Program and the Master's Program.  The two degree programs are separate.  PhD students are able to earn a master's degree on the way to completing their PhD, however students admitted into the Master's program cannot automatically transition to the PhD track.  Students should apply to the program that best aligns with their goals, more information is found on our page at Grad School

In both programs, students develop a solid and broad base of physics knowledge through our core curriculum and departmental colloquia. Upper-level courses and departmental seminars subsequently provides specialized exposure. Armed with the core knowledge, a graduate student joins a research group that is working in an area that interests them.  At Brown, this research is performed in very close collaboration with one or more of our faculty, and faculty research interests span a wide range of physics fields.


Information for prospective graduate students
  • The application to apply for the PhD program in Fall 2020 is closed (The deadline this year was Tuesday, January 7th).  The department's Open House for admitted students will be Wednesday, March 18th.  Admitted students will be contacted with more details.
  • Individual assessments regarding the eligibility of application materials are not possible, do not email the department looking for feedback on your qualifications or how to maximize your chances.  All applications are considered equally after submission - presenting the strongest application is the recommendation to all. 
  • The Personal Statement section is required, but the writing sample/essay is not applicable to Physics applications.  
  • International applicants: With the exception of applicants who have previously attended an institution in Canada, the UK, or Australia, all international applicants must provide verified transcripts before they can be offered admission by the Graduate School. Applicants must provide transcripts for all previous institutions attended, and those from institutions not in the countries listed above must be verified. Applicants may use CertiFile or WES for these reports. Please request the course-by-course report.  Applicants who have been recommended for admission by the Physics PhD or master's program will be asked to submit these materials at a later date. Only after receipt of these materials can applicants be offered admission by the Graduate School.
  • Admissions decisions will be sent to you by the Graduate School when they are made.  The department cannot share this information with you directly. However, if you have any questions about the program, please contact [email protected]
  • For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the admissions process, please refer to our FAQ page. 
  • The ScM program has rolling admissions, the application deadline is April 15th.