Recent Biological Physics PhD Dissertations

Recent Biophysics PhD Dissertations

Name Thesis Title Advisor
Mirna Mihovilovic “The Statistics of DNA Capture and Re-Capture by a Solid-State Nanopore " Prof. D. Stein
Nhiem Tran “Synthesis, Modification and Characterization of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Applications in Reversing Osteoporosis and Inhibiting Bacterial Infection” Prof. T. Webster
Jing Wang “Combined Optical Stimulation and Neural Recording in In Vivo Neuromodulation” Prof. A. Nurmikko
Zhijun Jiang “The Electrostatic Field-Effect in Electrically Actuated Nanopores” Prof. D. Stein
Hyeran Kang "Kinetic and kinematic properties of actin network assembly and nonlinearity of cross-linked fibrin gels Prof. J. Tang
Phong Anh Tran

"Nanostructured Selenium for Biomedical Applications: From Theory to Practice"

Prof. T. Webster
Jiayi Zhang "Optical Stimulation and Spatiotemporal Electrical Recording in Genetically Targeted Brain Tissue" Prof. A. Nurmikko
Jun He  "Microrheology and Dynamics of F-actin Network" Prof. J. Tang
Yifeng Liu  "MT Striped Birefringence Pattern Formation and Application of Laser Tweezers in Microrheology, Bacterial Motility and Adhesion" Prof. J. Tang
Patrick Oakes  "The Liquid Crystalline Transition of F-actin and Neutrophil Mechanosensing" Prof. J. Tang
Shanshan Wu  "Fabrication of Nanopore System and Its Application on DNA Manipulation" Prof. X.S. Ling
Yongxing Guo  "Microscopic Investigation and Modeling of Microtubule Self-Organization in Tubulin Solutions" Prof. J. Valles
Adam Hartman  "Effects of Nanoconfinement on Molecular Motors: Collective Kinesin Behavior, External Modulation, and Applications to Molecular Transport" Prof. J. Xu
Maryam Jouzi "Carbon Nanotube Nanoneedles and Their Biological Applications" Prof. J. Xu
Hongbo Peng "Towards Hybridization-Assisted Nanopore DNA Sequencing" Prof. X. Ling
Elnaz Alipour-Assiabi "Shape Transformations in Lipid Bilayer Membranes and Other Problems in Physical Biology" Prof. T. Powers
Qi Wen "Exploring the Mechanism of Like-Charge aAtraction in Polyelectrolyte Solutions" Prof. J. Tang
Karine Guevorkian "Experimental Studies of Protozoan Response to Intense Magnetic Fields and Forces" Prof. J. Valles
Jorge Viamontes “Isotropic to Nematic Liquid Crystalline Phase Transition of F-Actin” Prof. J. Tang
Lie Wang "Structural and Functional Characterization of Synapse-Associated Protein-97" Prof. D. Mierke