2010 Research Highlights


Joint Fall Meeting of the New England Sections of the APS and AAPT

Prof. Richard Gaitskell is a2010 elected Fellow.

Prof. Humphrey Marisreceives the 2011 Fritz London Memorial Prizein recognition for his original theories and experimental discoveries in liquid helium, in particular on phonons, Kapitza resistance, levitation, nucleation and especially cavitation, electron bubbles and vortex imaging.

Prof. Robert Pelcovitsreceives the 2010 Harriet W. Sheridan Award for Distinguished Contribution to Teaching and Learning at Brown.

Prof. David Loweis awarded part of the Foundational Questions Institute grant for his proposal to study the holographic approaches to gravity and the arrow of time. His proposal was one of 21 proposals chosen out of more than 260 applications submitted worldwide.

Prof. Greg Landsberg,Postdoc Alexey Ferapontovand Physics Graduate student, Patrick Tsanginterest in searching for microscopic black holes is featured inFermilab Today.

The data analysis results ofProf. Meenakshi NarainandPostdoc Monica Pangilinanin the search for the W' Boson are featured inFermilab Today.

Prof. Richard Gaitskelland a group of researchers, are leading a project to build a lab 4,850 feet below the Black Hills of South Dakota.Read more…

Professor See-Chen Yinghas been awarded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Physics, the CN Yang Visiting Professorship. This entitiles Prof. Ying to a one-month visit to the Chinese University of Hong Kong where the Physics department is looking forward to his sharing his research experience with faculty members and giving talks.

Prof. Humphrey Marisreceives a fellowship from the APS to lecture in India which will include a lecture in memory of K.S. Krishnan, co-discover of the Raman light scattering effect.

Prof. Richard Gaitskelland his research group are featured in a new documentary series"Physics for the 21st Century".

Physics graduate student,Nhiem Tran's, article -‘Magnetic nanoparticles: biomedical applications and challenges'was cited as one of the top ten most-read articles from the online version ofJournal of Materials Chemistryfor October 2010.

Presently, microscopic black holes fail to appear at the LHC. Read more…

The Transit Roomrestoration at theLadd Observatoryenables visitors to step back in time. See video of theopen house

Follow the LHC!

Prof. Vesna Mitrovicand colleagues have discovered magnetic waves that fluctuate when exposed to certain conditions in a superconducting material.Read more.

Prof. Gerry Guralnik is the recipient of an endowed chair, Chancellor's Professor of Physics.

Prof. Sean Ling reports an advance with a DNA sequencing technique by hybridization.

The Compact Muon Solenoid, A key matter-detecting component of the Large Hadron Collider, is already producing results in the search for the Higgs boson particle.Read more here.

New Results From Dzero-Fermilab Scientists find evidence for significant matter-antimatter asymmetry.Read more here.

Brown Degree Day 
Read about our Degree Day Alumni Participants.

The Fourth New England String Meeting 

US-CMS Collaboration Meeting at Brown University

Prof. Brad Marstonalong with colleagues from various sciences theory of an approach to study climate change is well-summarized in the article"Earth’s Climate: More Science Needed".

Graduate student, Phong Tran,(advised by Tom Webster) is a 2010 STAR award recipient from theSociety for Biomaterials. Phong was chosen based on his abstract and research "Creating bone-promoting, cancer-inhibiting, bacterial-inhibiting implants using seleniun nanoclusters".

Prof. Chung-I Tan, invites one to ponder the membership requirements of Phi Beta Kappa in hisletter to the editorof theBrown Daily Herald.

Prof. Vesna Mitrovichas received a2010 ADVANCE Career Development Award.

Prof. Brad Marstonis honored as a2010 Outstanding Refereeby the American Physical Society.

Prof. Gang Xiao'sarticle, "Strengths From the Top" is published in the commentary, "Will China Achieve Science Supremacy" in the New York Timeson-line.Read here.