Silverio Johnson - PhD Student 2019

Summer Research Advisor: Dr. Jimmy Xu

Can you share about the research you worked on this summer?

I am currently investigating Extraordinary Optical Transmission (EOT); a phenomenon which has been known about since 1998 but has been seeing increased applications in the development of optoelectronics and nanophotonics. In short, EOT occurs when electromagnetic radiation passes through an aperture with unitary efficiency, even if the wavelength of the radiation is longer than the aperture diameter. This phenomenon goes beyond the understanding of classical aperture theory and is still only partially explained. My task is to design and fabricate a novel metamaterial (i.e. a material exhibiting properties found outside of nature) which has the capability to harness and manipulate EOT for far-reaching applications.

What did you enjoy doing this summer while at Brown and in Providence?

After living here for only a short while, I partook in many activities that has brought me closer to the community. Among these, attending the farmers market on Blackstone Boulevard has been one of my favorite experiences; but there is also nothing better than having a picnic under the sun and bright-blue sky on the campus greens. :)