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(Department Contacts- Julia Frizzell, Senior IT Support Consultant, and Talin Dirocco ,IT Support Consultant)


Zoom allows up to 300 participants to participate in a live web video or audio conference. Students, faculty, and staff can schedule and host meetings using the link [] Hosts can invite anyone, including people outside of the Brown community.  Features include multiple screen-sharing, chat, video sharing, mobile collaboration including co-annotation, and recording to the cloud or to your computer. 

To use Zoom, you’ll need to install an app on your computer or mobile device. For instructions, see article Get Started with Zoom Web Conferencing

To screen share for iPad through Zoom on Mac please see this Google Doc created by Prof. Daniel Harris (Engineering)


This video provides some basic advice about giving a (remote) lecture with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil using Canvas, Zoom and (Apple) Keynote software 

- Prof Rick Gaitskell (March 2020) 

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Digital Teaching 

The Digital Learning & Design team produces a number of guides to support faculty in their digital teaching.