Sep 15

Dan D'Amico's lead article in Cato Unbound

Daniel D'Amico begins his look at American mass incarceration by placing it in international context: Yes, we all know that we are a nation of jailers. But what have other countries been doing differently? Or the same? He notes that in recent years many other countries have dramatically increased their incarceration rates and incarcerated populations as well. He examines several proposed causes for our high incarceration rate, including racism, our free-market economic system, and our War on Drugs. He finds the latter the most persuasive of the frequently mentioned culprits.

Mar 26

The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Incarceration

PTP visiting professor Dan D'Amico will host an intensive workshop seminar comprised of invited academics Jeff Miron (Harvard University), Omar Wasow (Princeton University) and Andy Young (West Virginia University) as well as Brown’s own Glenn Loury, organized to foster interdisciplinary discussion on the topic of incarceration and provide critical feedback on D'Amico's research

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