Academic Journals

The Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies houses/sponsors five academic journals:

A Journal of Brazilian Literature

e-Journal of Portuguese History

A Bilingual Journal of Portuguese-American Letters and Studies

Pessoa Plural:
Revista de Estudos Pessoanos / A Journal of Fernando Pessoa Studies




Journal of Lusophone Studies (JLS) 


Past and current issues of journals can be found under Portuguese and Brazilian Studies in the Brown Digital Repository, where they are also part of the [email protected] collection. 

The [email protected] collection is a growing archive of academic journals published by Brown University. The project began in 2017 as a partnership between Brown University Library and the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (POBS). As a pilot, it received a Cogut Foundation Humanities Initiative seed grant to: 1) archive the four periodicals published by POBS; 2) provide a model to other journals interested in being archived and published through the BDR; and 3) involve students in the project, by exposing them to the editorial process and providing them with the necessary training to assist with the continuous archiving and publication of those journals. As the pilot completes its goals, the collection welcomes any other Brown University journals that meet the criteria for being archived, which include: a review of editorial policies, the capacity to fund student involvement, and a commitment to open access.  The Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies' journals were the first archived and published in [email protected] and played an important part in creating the templates and best practices for this open access program.

Gavea-Brown Publications

The Department is also home to Gávea-Brown Publications, which publishes books on Portuguese and Portuguese-American literature and culture, including translations.