Master's in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences

The interdisciplinary Master’s program in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences (BSHS) in the Brown University School of Public Health trains graduate students who are interested in analyzing the complex behavioral and social determinants of public health, and in developing interventions to change behaviors and improve social contexts related to public health.

The Master’s program is an eight-unit, terminal degree program in which students are required to complete a written Thesis. The Master’s program is designed to be completed on a full- or part-time basis. 

The BSHS Master's degree program is ideal for students interested in working in health program evaluation, program management, community-based organizations and other non-profit services, managed care, treatment intervention research, and clinical trials, among other fields. The BSHS program is also a good fit for those interested in pursuing doctoral-level training in public health, psychology, public policy, and social welfare.

Our internationally respected faculty members are experts in the fields of alcohol and addiction, substance use, exercise and physical activity, diet and nutrition, and HIV/AIDS, among other areas. We conduct research with diverse communities in Providence, Boston, other urban settings in the United States, and in international settings. We value diversity and are committed to addressing health disparities associated with race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and other forms of social inequality.

Offers of Admission Deadline: March 31
Late Offers of Admission Deadline (if capacity allows admission of qualified applicants): May 31

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The following BSS faculty members may be available to advise BSHS Master's student for the Fall of 2016:

Bruce Becker
Abigail Harrison
Don Operario
Katie Biello
Christopher Kahler
Rochelle Rosen
Willoughby Britton
Caroline Kuo 
 Cynthia Rosengard
Kate Carey
Molly Magill
Lori A.J. Scott-Sheldon
Rachel Cassidy 
Rosemarie Ann Martin
Tara White
Mark Celio 
Jennifer Merrill
David Williams
 Patricia Cioe 
Matthew Mimiaga
Margaret Wool 
Shira Dunsiger 
Peter Monti
Tyler Wray 


David Williams, PhD, Master's Graduate Program Director
(401) 863-6248

Linda Angela, Academic Program Coodinator 
(401) 863-6578 

2015 Master's graduate Alex Macmadu with Professor Bill Rakowski2015 Master's graduate Alex Macmadu with Professor Bill Rakowski