New PHP Course to be Offered this Fall, Public Health Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies

April 10, 2013

The Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences is pleased to announce a new PHP course to be offered this Fall. 

Professor Kim Gans will teach Public Health Nutrition: Concepts and ControversiesThis course provides an introduction to the concepts and scope of public health nutrition with a focus mainly on the U.S. Students will gain an understanding of the science behind national dietary recommendations and learn about dietary assessment methods, determinants of food intake, and interventions to improve diet. The course will emphasize the ways in which environment and policy can influence the nutritional status of diverse population groups. It will also focus on controversial topics in nutrition and will employ hands-on activities such as self-dietary assessment, in-class debates, evaluation of popular media, and individual presentation of nutrition topics of interest. Enrollment limited to 25 juniors, seniors, and graduate students.