5th-Year Masters Program

The 5th-year Masters Degree option allows Brown Undergraduates to continue at the University for a Masters Degree after completing their Bachelor's Degree.   

The School of Public Health is transitioning to the SOPHAS EXPRESS online application service for the 2017-18 5th Year Applicants.  The next SOPHAS cycle, 2016-2017, will open on August 18, 2016. For more information on how to apply please visit the SOPHAS EXPRESS application Instructions here. If you have any questions, please contact SOPHAS Customer Service at 617-612-2090or sophasinfo@sophas.org.

Applicants to the 5th -Year program follow the regular procedures of applying to the Master’s program with the exception that the GRE is not required. Because candidates are expected to complete the Master’s in one year, they normally enroll in the AM program. In line with Brown’s Graduate School policy, up to two of the eight courses required for the Biostatistics AM  degree may be completed while the student is an undergraduate, but at least six semester courses must be taken while in residence as a Master’s student.

Students must apply for the 5th-Year Master’s Program through the standard online process for applicants to the Biostatistics program before they complete their undergraduate studies. It is strongly suggested that undergraduate students considering the 5th-year Biostatistics Master’s program consult with the Master’s Graduate Program Director before their senior year of undergraduate study. It is strongly recommended that 5th-Year Master’s students take two courses counting toward the Master’s degree prior to matriculating into the Master’s program. Admissions preference is given to applicants with prior Master’s-level coursework in Biostatistics. Students without prior coursework or those applying for an ScM degree that requires a ninth course that is a supervised thesis or written project will generally not be admitted to the 5th-Year program, but will instead be transferred to the normal two-year program applicant pool.  The Biostatistics Masters Program’s required courses can be found on the Degree Requirements page of the Masters Graduate Program website.

Admission must be approved by the Biostatistics Department Graduate Program and by the Graduate School.  While a student must be enrolled as an active undergraduate student at the time of application, admission to the graduate program can be deferred for up to two years with approval from the Biostatistics Graduate Program.   Students must complete the online application which includes the Graduate School's 5th-Year Master's Degree Application Supplement form.   Additional information for application process will be forthcoming.

Detailed information on the Biostatistics Masters Program can be found on this site.