Ruoshui Zhai Receives Travel Award

September 21, 2017

Third-year doctoral candidate, Ruoshui Zhai, received a travel award to attend the Medical College of Wisconsin’s 2017 BiostatMCW conference next week in Milwaukee.  The award, which was open to “outstanding PhD students and new researchers (within 5 years of PhD)” recognizes Zhai’s work with Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Roee Gutman, and is entitled “Optimal Sample Size for Cluster Randomized Trials Based on the Randomization Distribution.” Zhai's presentation will outline a novel simulation-based approach to calculated sample size for cluster randomization trials. This  method is general, non-parametric and more accurate than the existing formula solution. Zhai will make her presentation on Thursday, 28 September.

The BiostatMCW 2017 national conference, entitled “Biostatistics in the Modern Computing Era”, is co-sponsored by the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science of the ASA and the Wisconsin Chapter of the ASA.  The focus is on modern biostatistics featuring the perspectives and ongoing work in the areas of clinical trials, high-dimensional data, population health, precision medicine and survival analysis.  Additional information on the conference can be found at the MCW website.