Brown Biostatistics Prominent at 2017 ENAR Spring Meeting

Brown's Department of Biostatistics was pominently represented at this year's ENAR Spring meeting through eleven (11) presentations made by Department students, alumni and faculty.  The meeting took place in Washington, DC.  ENAR (Eastern North American Region) includes American and eastern Canadian members of the International Biometric Society (IBS), membership of which includes biologists, mathematicians, statisticans and others interested in the advancement of biological sicience through the development and application of quantitative theories of effective mathematical and statistical techniques.

The Department was represented this week,  13 March through 15 March, by:

Sarah Robertson - Alumni
Oral Presentation: “Transporting the Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial to a Target Population
Panel/Session Title: Health Policy Data Science

Kevin Wu – PhD Student
Contributed Papers (Panel): “State Space Models of Retention, Disengagement, and Re-Entry into HIV Care
Panel/Session Title: Methods for HIV and Infectious Disease Modeling Research

Presenter: Yi Zhao – PhD Candidate
Oral Poster: “Grange Mediation Analysis for Task fMRI Time Series
Panel/Session Title: Novel Methods for Big Data

Presenter: Roee Gutman, PhD - Faculty
Oral Presentation: “Combining Item Response Theory with Multiple Imputation to Equate Health Assessment Questionnaires
Panel/Session Title: Combining Data from Multiple Sources: Applications from Health Policy

Presenter: Anthony Scotina – PhD Student
Oral Poster: “Matching Estimators for Causal Effects of Multiple Treatments
Panel/Session Title: New Ideas in Causal Inference

Presenter: Yizhen Xu – PhD Student
Contributed Papers (Panel):  “Classification using Ensemble Learning under Weighted Misclassification Loss
Panel/Session Title: Machine Learning Methods

Presenter: Chris Schmid, PhD – Faculty
Oral Presentation: “Hierarchical Models for Combining N-of-1 Trials
Panel/Session Title: Recent Advances on Comparative Effectiveness Research

Presenter: Joe Hogan, PhD - Faculty
Oral Presentation: "Causal Comparison of Treatment Policies using Electronic Health Records Data"
Panel/Session Title: New Development in Causal Inference

Presenter: Jamie Zhang - PhD Candidate
Contributed Papers (Panel): “Identifying Sparse Effects in Gene-Set Analysis
Panel/Session Title: Variable Selection and Identification Methods

Presenter: Mingyang Shan - PhD Student
Contributed Papers (Panel): “Analysis of Meals on Wheels Recipients through Linkage to Electronic Health Records
Panel/Session Title: Health Services Research

Presenter: Chenyang Gu, PhD - Alumni
Contributed Papers (Panel): “Development of a Common Patient Assessment Scale Across the Continuum of Care: A Nested Multiple Imputation Approach
Panel/Session Title: Health Services Research

Information on ENAR and their meetings can be found on their website. Congratulations to all participants of the 2017 ENAR Spring Meeting.