Facebook's Yann LeCun to Present Seminar

Monday, 27 November 2017
List Art Building, Auditorium
64 College Street

The Department of Biostatistics is pleased to welcome New York University’s Silver Professor, Yann LeCun, and Facebook’s Director of AI Research. Dr. LeCun’s lecture entitled “How Could Machines Learn as Efficiently as Animals and Humans?” is part of the Charles K. Colver Lectureship Series and is jointly organized by the Department and the Center for Statistical Sciences and the New England Statistical Society.

In addition to his work as Director of Facebook’s AI Research, Dr. LeCun is the Founding Director of NYU’s Center for Data Science and Silver Professor of Computer Science, Neural Science and Electrical and Computing Engineering. The IEEE Spectrum did an interesting interview with him in 2015 February about deep learning and smarter machines. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that Dr LeCun was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for advances in AI.

We are most plased that Dr LeCun has agreed to present at our seminar series. His abstract can be found here.