Growing Number of Department Alumni are Data Scientists

The Department of Biostatistics has an impressive array of alumni.  From tenure-track faculty at institutions such as Vanderbilt and Moi University in Kenya to statisticians and data analysts at firms such as Biostat Solutions, Inc. in Maryland and Abbott Labs in Illinois, and yet others who have gone on to further their education.  Recently, however, there has been an uptick in Biostatistics graduates securing positions as Data Scientists.   Four of our graduates from 2013 through 2015 have secured positions as Data Scientists and are highlighted in this article.

Tianyuan Cui, AM'13: Data Scientist, Jobcase, Inc.Tianyuan Cui, AM'13: Data Scientist, Jobcase, Inc.

Tianyuan Cui graduated in 2013 with her AM in Biostatistics.  She began working with JobCase in March of 2015 as a Statistician.  In September of 2015, she was established in the role of Data Scientist, coinciding with the company’s reorganization.  Located in Cambridge, MA, JobCase is a privately-owned company with technologies and data rights which powers approximately 100 jobsites for over 48 million job-seeking Americans.


Xiaoxing Cheng, ScM'14: Data Scientist, Point 72Xiaoxing Cheng, ScM'14: Data Scientist, Point 72

Xiaoxing graduated from Brown’s Biostatistics Department in 2014 with his ScM.  He has been working at Point 72 in New York, as a Data Scientist, since September 2014.  Point 72 is a private, family-run asset management and investment firm located in Connecticut with locations New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.


Anja Zgodic, ScM'14: Data Science Lead, Celmatix, Inc.Anja Zgodic, ScM'14: Data Science Lead, Celmatix, Inc.Following her graduation in 2014 with an ScM in Biostatistics, Anja went to work for Celmatix, located in New York City, in September of 2014 as a Data Scientist.  She was recently promoted to Data Science Lead for the company.  Celmatrix is a biotechnology company which uses big data and genomics to improve fertility outcomes for women struggling to conceive.


Mengqi (Maggie) Jin, ScM'15: Data Scientist, NovantasMengqi (Maggie) Jin, ScM'15: Data Scientist, NovantasMaggie Jin graduated with her ScM in Biostatistics in May 2015, after which she secured a position as Data Scientist with New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York.  She now works as a Data Scientist for New York-based Novantas.  Novantas uses analytical solutions and modeling to provide a full range of management consulting services to financial institutions.


Interested in learning exactly what a Data Scientist does in such industries?  Come join us on Friday, 22 April 2016, as Maggie Jin and Tianyuan Cui present So You Want to be a Data Scientist? as part of the Department’s Spring 2016 Career Information Series.