Professor Joe Hogan, Harvard’s 2020 Lagakos Distinguished Alumni Award

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Hogan, the Carole and Lawrence Sirovich Professor of Public Health and Professor of Biostatistics here at Brown’s School of Public Health, on the recent recognition from his alma mater, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, with the 2020 Lagakos Distinguished Alumni Award.

Dr. Hogan received his ScD from Harvard in 1995, at which time he took the position of Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at Brown. Since that time, Dr. Hogan has promoted himself to full Professor of Biostatistics and has served as our Department Chair and the Dean of Faculty Affairs for the School of Public Health. Dr. Hogan is also the Deputy Director of Data Science at Brown. During all this time, Dr. Hogan has remained dedicated and steadfast in his research and in service to the profession of Biostatistics, as well as to his colleagues, collaborators and students.

Dr. Hogan was honored with this award, named after former Chair, Dr. Stephen Lagakos , primarily for his important and impactful methodological and collaborative work in HIV/AIDS research, as well as his excellence in teaching and mentoring and academic leadership. Additional information can be found on Harvard’s Department of Biostatistics website.