About ADLI

Through dynamic and multifaceted programming, ADLI connects an array of populations to the very best of American dance and creative arts, generating meaningful, often life-changing experiences. ADLI believes these experiences can have significant impact on society by fostering empathy, social engagement, and artistic expression that defies barriers of age, ability, and background.

All of ADLI’s programming is collaborative in nature and is facilitated by company-in-residence Dancing Legacy. ADLI’s work combines research, community engagement, and student apprenticeships through the following three programs:

Dance Extension: a modern dance repertory company established at Brown in 1979 by ADLI co-founder Strandberg. Dance Extension trains student dancers by enabling them to perform, teach, and revisit masterworks by revered choreographers, exciting contemporary innovators, and fellow students.

Repertory Etudes Project (REP): a professional program conceived and launched in 1993 by ADLI co-founders Adams and Strandberg to increase deep public engagement with great works of American dance. In partnership with REP, ADLI collaborates in the creation of Repertory Etudes—short dances based on signature works of American choreography masters that are available to students and professionals of all levels.

Artists and Scientists as Partners (ASaP): an interdisciplinary program created in 2013 by ADLI co-founder Strandberg and Rachel Balaban (Brown ‘80) to integrate research methods from the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. In partnership with ASaP, ADLI collaborates in giving neurodiverse participants access to a true artistic experience as a vehicle for healing and growth that is then studied, quantified, and documented by Brown undergraduates studying art and health.