About ADLI

ADLI is dedicated to enabling individuals to appreciate and participate in America’s rich dance heritage and recognize it as a cultural asset relevant to all. To fulfill its mission, ADLI shares the transformative power of dance through meaningful experiences that actively connect with American heritage and build a dance literate public. ADLI believes that access to these experiences can have significant impact on society, fostering empathetic and engaged citizens.

Why American?
The culture of the United States of America is largely unrecognized for its richness and depth. The arts hold the country's inherent multi-culturalism and offer ongoing discovery and insight into the American experience for those inside and outside of the nation.


Why Dance?
Dance, the least known or understood of the arts, lacks what literature, visual art, theatre, and music use for study and to communicate with non-practitioners: a body of work readily available for performance, viewing, discussion, and interpretation. In order for the arts, as a whole, to fully reflect the culture, dance must be placed on par with its sister arts.


Why Legacy?
Dance has traditionally been preserved through documents and artifacts. Those materials, while safe, are isolated from most people, limiting the ability to build common knowledge around the art form. Legacy hands down what is cherished from one generation to the next by combining preservation with access and education.


Why Initiative?
An initiative galvanizes individuals to come together around a cause in order to shift paradigms, fosters dynamic adaptability, supports grassroots activities, and provides an atmosphere for inventing new materials and innovating new methodologies.