Interview with Alan Nakagawa: Public Humanities Innovators

Alan Nakagawa is multi-media, multi-sensory sound artist based in Los Angeles.  Alan has collaborated with L.A. Department of Transportation, worked with the Getty Museum, the Smithsonian, and on a variety of international projects.  Alan is interested in creating “aha!” moments for the participants who view and interact with his art.

(Distributed December 4, 2017)

Interview with Rachel Feinmark

Rachel FeinmarkRachel FeinmarkRachel Feinmark, Director of Strategic Communications and former ACLS Public Fellow at the Tenement Museum in NYC, gave a lunch talk at the John Nicholas Brown Center for the Public Humanities on October 5th, 2017. In her talk, Abandoning Museum Neutrality, she spoke about the need for institutions to abandon neutrality and become engaging relevant spaces. I followed up with Rachel over the phone to hear more about her path, personal work, and ideas about public work.

(Distributed November 7, 2017)

Mastering the Art of Togetherness

Kara Noto, Commencement 2017:

Good morning colleagues, friends, partners, and families both logical and biological. Thank you for being with us today, and for being present and supportive during this exciting season of transition. 

(Distributed June 12, 2017)
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