Dance, Memory and the Oral Tradition - Lecture/Demonstration (Mini-Fest, American Dance Legacy Initiative)


Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

Featuring dancers with Parkinson's Disease and students from Central Falls High School, part performance and part discussion, "Dance, Memory, and the Oral Tradition” will include presentations by persons with Parkinson's Disease and by students from Central Falls High School.

In addition, Cathy Young, former dancer with Danny Buraczeski’s dance company, JAZZDANCE, will share how Buraczeski’s legacy is being preserved through ADLI’s Repertory Etudes Project. Rounding out the program, Jeff Friedman, a dancer, choreographer, reconstructor, documentarian, and scholar, will demonstrate the use of oral history to preserve the memories of dancers.

The Lecture Demonstration is part of the ADLI MiniFest 2014 program. ( Mini-Fest 2014 is part of WIDENING THE CIRCLE: Intersections of Art, Science and Community, a series of master classes, lecture demonstrations, performances, and seminars February 21-March 8 presented by FirstWorks and American Dance Legacy Initiative, in collaboration with Artists and Scientists as Partners, Brown University, and Mark Morris Dance Group.