Modern Perspectives of a Modern People: New Works from Young Native American Artists

February 7, 2008 to February 27, 2008
John Nicholas Brown Center 357 Benefit Street

Too often, Native Americans are in museums as curious anthropological studies and relics. The goal of this exhibition is to bring examples to Brown of living, modern, vibrant Native perspectives and profiles. Through the exhibit, we hope to show variety – variety of perspectives, variety of medium, variety of talent, variety of age, and variety of Tribal Nation. Through this variety, we hope to convey the diversity and humanity of present day Natives that the average public does not see in one-dimensional, stereotyped media representations of Native Americans.

The art will be of a mix from professionals, aspiring artists, and students in the Native group here at Brown.  

Part of the Native American Heritage Series, sponsored by the Third World Center at Brown University.