Why Did It Take Me 27 Years to Conceptualize a Work about the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb?


Nightingale-Brown House

Alan Nakagawa discusses Peace Resonance; Hiroshima/ Wendover, a sound-based semi-autobiographical work that combines the interior ambiance of the Hiroshima Atomic Dome and the Wendover Hangar to explore ideas about peace, war, sound and the Japanese-American experience. This artwork, begun in October 2016, is supported by funding from the Art Matters Foundation, the City of Hiroshima, the City of Los Angeles and the Center for Land Use Interpretation. For more information on Nakagawa and this project, read this!

Alan Nakagawa is an artist based in Los Angeles who creates work inspired by the vibratory aspect of sound and how it relates to memory.

Lunch served at 11:50 am.