Dietrich Neumann, Director, Professor of History of Art and Architecture

[email protected]  / 401.863.6115

Advising, lectures and programs, full-time and part-time M.A. student enrollment, Ph.D. student enrollment, course funding and project funding requests

Sabina Griffin, Center Manager

[email protected] / 401.863.1177 

Conference funds, meeting reservations, practicum funding, reimbursements, student jobs and payroll, tuition billing, professional development funding approval

Ronald Potvin, Assistant Director & Curator

[email protected] / 401.863.5312

Collections, galleries, maintenance, Nightingale-Brown House, practicums

Steve Lubar, Professor of American Studies

[email protected]  / 401.863.6110

Graduate certificate advising

Eric Scantlebury, IT Support Consultant (off site)

[email protected] 

Computing and printing issues at the Center  (except toner replacements)