Financial Assistance

M.A. students are billed per enrollment unit (that is, per course). Graduate student tuition and fees are posted annually on the Brown University Graduate School website


Public humanities MA students are eligible for partial tuition scholarships provided by the Brown Center for Public Humanities.  In recent years, most admitted students who request program aid at the time of application have been awarded a tuition scholarship equal to up to 40% of tuition.

Students who require additional support are encouraged to visit the  Office of Financial Aid, which can provide information on student loans and leads on sources of funding beyond Brown University.

In addition to tuition scholarships, the Brown Center for Public Humanities provides other forms of support for student activities. 

Conference Funds: Each year public humanities MA students are awarded up to $500 for online webinars, travel to conferences and other professional development activities not available at Brown. 

Community employment: The Center for Public Humanities coordinates a variety of public humanities-related employment opportunities at the Center and at local institutions. These positions pay an hourly salary and work hours can be scheduled to complement students’ schedules. Total hours available are limited each semester. Visit the Student Employment page for more information. 

Fellowship for the Study of the Public History of Slavery

One fully-supported two-year fellowship is available each year for a student pursuing an M.A. in public humanities who is dedicated to working in museums and other cultural institutions on issues related to the history and legacy of slavery. The fellowships are intended to help prepare future professionals who can help museums and cultural institutions address controversial issues, teaching the public and initiating broad conversations about slavery, race and racism, and retrospective justice. The fellowships cover tuition, fees, and a stipend. Students applying for this fellowship should indicate their interest on their application, and explain in their personal statement how their academic and professional preparation and career goals make them appropriate candidates for this fellowship. 

Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative (NAISI) Fellowship

In collaboration with Brown University’s Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative, the Center for Public Humanities seeks graduate students interested in working for, and leading, Native American cultural institutions, archives, libraries or museums. One fully-supported two-year fellowship (includes tuition, fees, and a stipend) is available each year for a student to pursue an M.A. in Public Humanities dedicated to increasing the understanding and maintenance of the cultural traditions and political experiences of Indigenous Peoples. Prospective students should explain in their personal statement how their academic and professional preparation and career goals make them appropriate candidates for this fellowship.  We welcome students coming right from college or those who have already been working in their communities.

Curatorial Fellowships

A small number of MA in Public Humanities students are awarded Curatorial Fellowships to bring their expertise in exhibit design, digital scholarship, and public programs to Brown departments, centers, galleries and libraries. Fellows receive a yearly stipend (between $15,000 and $20,000) and work 15-20 hours a week for their two years in the MA program.  All students who request financial aid are eligible for the fellowship and don’t need to do any additional paperwork.

City Year's University Partnership

The M.A. program in public humanities participates in City Year's University Partnership. City Year corps members, alumni and current/former staff who are accepted to the public humanities M.A. program are eligible for financial assistance, including an application fee waiver. For more information regarding the City Year partnership, and benefits to accepted MA in Public Humanities students, visit the City Year Alumni portal.            



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