Call for Faculty Fellows in Public Humanities

August 11, 2014

The Center for Public Humanities at Brown University announces a Faculty and Community Fellowship Program.  Brown faculty and community leaders in the arts and humanities will serve one year terms at the Center.  Faculty members interested in innovative methods for presenting their research to the public; those conducting research in collaboration with community organizations; and/or faculty seeking to incorporate public engagement in their courses will find support through the fellowship program.  Culture workers from the non-profit community can use their fellowship to pursue a program of reading, writing, and thinking or engage in a specific project with the support of Center staff, faculty, and students

All fellows will receive a research fund of $1,500 and a project assistant from among the MA in Public Humanities students to aid in their project.  Community fellows and Faculty Fellows on sabbatical leave will have desks at the Center and all Fellows will be encouraged to participate in activities sponsored by the Center.  Faculty fellows who want to work on course redesign will be appointed jointly with the Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning.  The Director of the Public Humanities Center will convene a monthly meeting so fellows can discuss their projects together.  Fellows will also present their work to the students and faculty (of the Center and of the larger Department of American Studies) in a series of lunch seminars, open to the public.

We seek fellows who have demonstrated innovative approaches to the public humanities and who will help us reconsider the definition, goals, and outline of what we mean by the public humanities.  We are particularly interested in working with those at the beginning of their careers, whether as scholars or community leaders or both.  Junior faculty members will get assistance in having their public work evaluated for tenure and promotion.

To Apply:

Please send:

A two paragraph description of your project that includes the work to be done by a project assistant. 

Please indicate if you need:

  • help connecting to community groups to conduct research or teaching, and/or, 
  • technical help, including digital consultations, and/or,
  • any particular equipment to undertake your project.

A CV or resume

to Susan Smulyan, Director, John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities:, no later than September 1, 2014.

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