Southern New England Native Baskets and the Narrative of “Disappearance.” Virtual Lunch talk by Denene De Quintal

John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage

This talk discusses my research findings to date about how the location and distribution of Southern Native New England objects contribute to the production of knowledge about these tribes and Native peoples, and in particular, how museums’ treatment of these objects reinforces a narrative of their disappearance. “Native vanishing” is a widespread sense that certain Indigenous cultures have disappeared from Southern New England and other areas. Specifically, my research examines the rich and complicated history of the Denver Art Museum’s woven Native baskets from Southern New England.

Bio: Denene De Quintal, Ph.D. is the Assistant Curator for Native American Art in the Arts of Africa, Oceania, & Indigenous Americas department at the Detroit Institute of Arts. As the inaugural Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Curatorial Fellow in American Indian Art at the Denver Art Museum, she co-curated the exhibition Eyes On: Julie Buffalohead (2018).