Elizabeth Malone

[email protected]

As a founding team member at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University, I design programs and events that engage and inspire people to use entrepreneurship as a vehicle for solving the world’s most pressing issues. I aim to build bridges between the world of entrepreneurship and the public humanities, both in physical and virtual spaces, that enable people to engage, create, and ideate. This past year, after completing my final practicum, I started our [email protected] Working Group, where I lead a group of students and staff in developing exhibitions in our new building on Thayer Street. 

Before coming to Brown (to both work and obtain my master's degree) I earned my B.S. in Urban Studies from Worcester State University. It was there that I developed a fascination in studying people and their connection to community and how their education molds that unique relationship. We learn through peoples’ individual and collective stories and connecting those stories to policy and practice within cultural and educational institutions. In my eighth year working at Brown University, I continue to learn how this institution thrives on building and maintaining a community. My interests in the Public Humanities continue to involve learning how cultural and educational institutions, such as Brown, communicate and authentically connect to their community and beyond.