An innovative and exciting group of Brown faculty members and community leaders in the arts and humanities serve as Public Humanities Fellows at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage. Each fellow works on a public humanities project and becomes a resource for Public Humanities students.

Faculty members using innovative methods for presenting their research to the public, including the digital humanities; those conducting research in collaboration with community organizations; and/or faculty seeking to incorporate
public engagement in their courses find support through the fellowship program.  Culture workers from the non-profit community use their fellowship to pursue a program of reading, writing, and thinking or to engage in a specific project with the support of Center staff, faculty, and students. 

  • Public Humanities Community Fellow, Director of Programs and Exhibitions at Providence Public Library

    Current project: Producing Within a Lifetime: Immigration and the Changing City, a conversation series exploring the complexities and universalities of immigration to Rhode Island as reflected in the history of the Pond Street Neighborhood.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Professor of English

    Current Project: Collaborating with the Brown University Library on the “Mapping Colonial Americas Publishing Project,” a digital project aimed at visualizing the history of publishing in the Americas before 1800.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of American Studies

    Current project: Helping foster collaboration with other civic engagement or service groups on campus – the Royce Fellowship, the Swearer Center, the First-Generation/Low-Income Center.

  • Public Humanities Community Fellow, Founder and Artistic Director of UPP Arts

    Current project: Working on a series of responses to the Gorham silver show at the RISD Museum, including pop-up exhibits, community conversations about the environmental and labor impacts of the Gorham company, zines, and performances at the Gorham site.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor, American Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, American Studies

    Current project: Researching native food sovereignty projects, seed sovereignty and seed rematriation, Native chefs, and the ways in which the food sovereignty and anti-extractive industry movements are dovetailing to protect food sources. Will also consult on a potential undergraduate Public Humanities program.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor of American Studies

    Current project: Building a digital archive of Asian-American family photos; supervising Public Humanities students working on the archive.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Professor Emeritus of American Studies and Urban Studies

    Current project: Exploring ways to make research on tidal power in Boston more available to the public.

  • Public Humanities Community Fellow, Executive Director, RI Latino Arts

    Current project: Archiving the collections of Nuestras Raices: Latino History of Rhode Island and Rhode Island Latino Arts and actively collecting artifacts, stories and doing research to go into those archives. 

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of American Studies

    Nicholson House, 71 George Street

    Current project: Collaborating on Refusing to Forget, a project that publicly memorializes the state-sanctioned racial violence on the Mexico-Texas border from 1910 through 1920 through exhibits and historical markers; Building an interactive map of violence in Texas with help from Public Humanities students.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

    Current project: Preparing a course, “The Latin American Diaspora in the United States,” in which students bridge academic learning with working in schools and cultural organizations; beginning research on plantains as a food staple in both North and South America.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Professor, Departments of History of Art Architecture, Urban Studies and Italian Studies; Director of Urban Studies

    Current project: Chairing Brown’s Public Art Working Group, prepping an exhibition about the architect Raymond Hood who went to Brown and then became a major skyscraper architect in the 1920s. The exhibition "Raymond Hood and the American Skyscraper" opens April 2020 at the Bell Gallery. Also chairing J. Carter Brown lectureship series, funded by the Pritzker Foundation, bringing architects to give lectures on campus.

  • Public Humanities Community Fellow, Executive Director at the Little Compton Historical Society

    Current project: Working on an exhibit and a set of public programs, “The Women of Little Compton” and hoping to collaborate with students on research and interviews.   -  In addition, will open an archaeology project with the Public Archaeology Lab investigating two cellar holes in Little Compton, both with Native American, English Settler, and lastly African-American histories for student collaboration. 

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Professor of History

    Current project: Teaching Inside/Out Course, “Locked Up: A Global History of Prison and Captivity” at Brown and at the Adult Correctional Institution; collaborating with the Center for Public Humanities on the Brown Incarceration Initiative.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Choreographer, Lecturer in Theater and Performance Studies; Human / Computer Interfaces Conference

    Current project: Founding the Conference of Research on Choreographic Interfaces held annually at Brown; advising students in the Public Humanities Methods course.

  • Public Humanities Community Fellow, Curator of Rhode Island Collections at Providence Public Library

    Current project: Thinking about community archiving in light of communications theory and social practice art as part of preparing a Providence Public Library workbook for community archives; presenting a Lunch Talk at the Center for Public Humanities; and continuing collaboration on Hacking Heritage.

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Current project: Collaborating on the Center’s “Radical Cartography Now” conference.