Zhuohan (Bella) Jiang

[email protected]

After my bachelor study in Culture Industry Management in China, I come here to further pursue my interest in art and culture. My previous experiences include volunteering in Long Museum and various exhibitions, taking part in some projects of Fremantle Media, assisting Shanghai Orchestra and freelancing. Two of my articles were published on Vice China: 
In one article, I investigated 10 night clubs in Shanghai from the underground to skyscrapers in an attempt 
to reveal marginalized groups’ lifestyles and worldviews. In the other, I researched 374 Tinder users on profile and dating purpose, conducted 9 face-to-face interviews in discussion of social media and spiritual needs.   In my free time I sing a lot, my Chinese music platform has attracted more than 500,000 listeners. 
Academically, I plan to explore new opportunities of art and culture in the program, to foster arts public engagement and serve its functions.