Sample of Recent REMS Course Offerings

Listed below are courses on Renaissance and Early Modern topics regularly offered in various departments.  Students interested in the 200-level courses listed here must obtain the instructor's permission before enrolling.  Other courses may count for concentration credit upon consultation with the Program Director.

CLAS 0420 - Ancient Novel and Its Influence
CLAS 0760 - Ancient Utopias and Imaginary Places
CLAS 0900 - Greek Mythology
LATN 1040b - Virgil: Aeneid
LATN 1060f - Ovid's Metamorphoses
CLAS 1120G - Reading Humanist Latin Texts
LATN 2080F - The Latin of America

Comparative Literature
COLT 0812 - Hamlet Post-Hamlet
COLT 1410L - Philosophy and Tragedy
COLT 1410U - Shakespeare in Perspective
COLT 1431A - The Philosophical Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

ENGL 0310GE - Shakespeare: The Screenplays
ENGL 1510A - Jane Austen and Her Predecessors: The Other History of the Novel
ENGL 1561G - Swift, Pope, Johnson
ENGL 1561K - Restoration and the Eighteenth-Century Drama
ENGL 2360X - Hamlet: Appropriation, Mediation, Theory

French Studies
FEEN 0720 - From Courtly Love to Postmodern Desire (Freshman Seminar)
FREN 2130 - Queering the Grand Siècle

Hispanic Studies
HISP 0550 - Topics in Hispanic Culture and Civilization
HISP 1240A - Fashion and the Fictions of Identity in Early Modern Spain
HISP 1240C - Golden Age Short Stories 
HISP 1240L - Cervantes and Don Quijote in the Context of Golden Age Spain
HISP 1330C - Indigenous Literatures of Latin America
HISP 1330H - Transatlantic Colonial Encounters
HISP 2350H - The History of Wonder in Colonial Spanish American Lettres

HIST 0150B  - The Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy From Antiquity to Harry Potter
HIST 0233 - Colonial Latin America
HIST 0286A - History of Medicine I: Medical Traditions in the Old World Before 1700
HIST 286B  - History of Medicine II: The Development of Scientific Medicine in                      Europe and the World
HIST 0522G - An Empire and Republic: The Dutch Golden Age
HIST 0535A - Atlantic Pirates
HIST 1262M - Truth on Trial: Justice in Italy, 1400-1800
HIST 1266C - English History, 1529-1600
HIST 1266D - British History, 1660-1800
HIST 1331 - The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs: Mexico, 1300-1600
HIST 1855A - Self-Fashioning and Souvenirs: History and Culture on the Grand Tour
HIST 1964B - The Enchanted World: Magic, Angels, and Demons in Early Modern                  Europe
HIST 1964D - Women in Early Modern England
HIST 1964E - The English Revolution 
HIST 2870E - Early Modern Continental Europe – Reading
HIST 1974M - Early Modern Globalization

History of Art and Architecture
HIAA 0010 - Introduction to the History of Art
HIAA 0020 - Introduction to the History of Architecture and Urbanism
HIAA 0150 - Visual Cultures of Colonial Latin America
HIAA 0580 - Word, Image, and Power in Renaissance Italy
HIAA 0620 - The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt: Culture of the Netherlands in the                Seventeenth Century
HIAA 0650 - Eighteenth-Century Art: Imagining the Global Eighteenth Century
HIAA 1150 - Topics in Hispanic Art and Architecture
HIAA 1560 - Topics in Italian Visual Culture 
HIAA 1650 - Topics in Eighteenth-Century Art
HIAA 1850 - Topics in Twentieth-Century Architecture

Italian Studies
ITAL 0590 - Word, Image, and Power in Renaissance Italy
ITAL 1010 - Dante in English Traslation
ITAL 1020 - Boccaccio's "Decameron"
ITAL 1320 - Great Authors and Works of Italian Renaissance 
ITAL 1610 - The Divina Commedia: Inferno and Purgatorio
ITAL 1620 - The Divina Commedia: Paradiso

Modern Culture and Media
MCM 1130 - Literature and Society

MUSC 0300 - Major Masters of Music
MUSC 570, 580 - Chamber Music Performance
MUSC 0910 - Medieval and Renaissance Music
MUSC 0920 - Baroque and Classic Music
MUSC 1040 - Tonal Counterpoint

PHIL 0070 - The individual and the State
PHIL 0350 - Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 0360 - Early Modern Philosophy

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
POBS 1600 - Topics and Themes in Portuguese and Brazilian Cultures and            Civilizations

Theatre, Speech and Dance

TAPS 1240 - Performance Historiography and Theatre History