Honors for the class of 2014

Thesis deadlines for the class of 2014:

We leave it to you, your advisor, and your second reader to set deadlines for rough drafts along the way. In order to receive honors, however, you must meet 2 deadlines:

  • by Friday, April 11, at 5pm: submit your final thesis to both readers (in hard copy or PDF, as the readers' prefer). This will give them time to evaluate the thesis for honors and for the STS prize, and give you time to arrange the next step: the oral presentation.
  • by Wednesday, April 30: (a) complete the oral presentation (b) submit the final copy of your thesis in PDF form to the Program Chair (me), and (c)  2 readers must send the Program Chair a written evaluation of the thesis and oral presentation and an indication of whether they believes it merits honors (e-mail is fine). I will be in touch with your readers separately about this process.

To qualify for Honors in Science and Society a student must:

  1. Apply for candidacy for Honors by the end of the student's seventh semester.
  2. Maintain a high level of excellence in courses within the concentration and above average performance in non-concentration courses. In the event that a student has taken a number of courses S/NC he or she will submit CPR's for consideration by the concentration advisory committee, which will evaluate the student's candidacy.
  3. Complete an Honors Thesis judged by the advisor and an additional reader to be of superior quality.
  4. Deliver an oral presentation based on thesis work that is favorably reviewed by the concentration faculty and the advisory committee.

See FAQ for additional details