Theses and Past Projects

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— 2017 —

Celine Schmidt

"Inequality In Increments: Risk Normalization And Mobilization Around A Toxic Waterfront In South Providence"

Advisor: Scott Frickel

Allison Silverman

"Negotiating Neurosurgery: Doctor and Patient Decision Making about Deep Brain Stimulation:"

Advisor: Katherine Mason

Oakley Friedberg

"Feeling Tender Buttons Gertrude Stein’s Haptic Poetics and the Science of Touch"

Advisor: Ada Smailbegović

Adriel Barrios Anderson

“Going Under the Gamma Knife”: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Modern Practice of Psychiatric Neurosurgery for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder"

Advisor: Nicole McLaughlin

Alexandra Kaye

“Physician Barriers to Referring Patients to Diabetes Education and Suggestions for Evaluating a Solution: Visual Versus Textual Motivators as Health Care Nudges"

Advisor: Beth Zielinski-Habershaw


— 2016 —

Gina Milano

"'Egg Donation'?—Assessing the Morality of the Egg Donation Business in the United States through the Lens of Virtue Ethics."

Advisor: Timothy P. Flanigan

Noah Lupica

"Narratives Transforming Narrative: A Call to Rethink our Clinical Approach to Medical Transition"

Advisor: Sherine Hamdy

Madeline Rotman

"Life as Freshness: A Political Ecology of Food Label Dating"

Advisor: Ross Cheit

Abbie Galloway 

"Llegó El Paquete: Re-Examining Internet Practice, Democracy, and Piracy Through Digital Media Distribution "

Advisor: Jennifer Lambe


— 2015 —

Eliza Cohen

"The Book of Life: Civic Biology in Progressive-Era New York City"

Advisor: Lukas Rieppel

Ke'ala Morrell

"Sex Education in Deaf High Schools: A comparative study of sexuality epistemology in Kenya and Rhode Island" 

Advisor: Sherine Hamdy, Ph.D.

Shelby Wilson

"Genesis of Gametogenesis" 

Advisor: Dr. Sherine Hamdy


— 2014 —

Lucy Bates-Campbell

"Whose Climate is it Anyway?"

Advisor: Michael Kennedy

Jessica Brodsky

"From Subatomic to Cosmic: Visually Communicating Extreme Scale in Science Communication" 

Advisor: Kathy M. Takayama

Joanna Jacobs

"Creative Health Communication: Art Solutions for Unequal Medical Care" 

Advisor: Richard Fishman


Here are links to some senior theses and past projects by Science and Society concentrators:

Whose Creative Capital? Providence Charts a Direction for the Future of Its Economy: Who Stands to Gain, and Who Will Be Left Out?
Sophia Li, Science and Society (2012)

More Than Words: Metaphor in the Mind, Brain, and Literature
Liza Weisberg, Science and Society (2012)

Science and the Starving Subject: How Science and Biomedicine Have Portrayed, Sustained, and (Re)produced Malnutrition in Africa
Kelsey Ripp, Human Biology (2012)

"Revisualizing the Menstrual Cycle: Incorporating Social and Biological Factors Into Biological Education"
Cara Smith, Science and Society (2011)

"And There the Heart Remained: A Critical History of Alachua General Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, 1945-2009"
Joy Liu, Science and Society (2011)

"The Objectivization of Medical Diagnosis: The Use of Machine Learning Techniques in Magnetic Resonance Imaging"
Richard Fadok, Science and Society (2011)

"Our Struggle to Overcome AIDS": Science, Politics and the Boundaries of Citizenship in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Patrick Martin-Tuite, Development Studies (2010)

Engineering Modern Egypt: Water and Technology at the Aswan High Dam
Mark Caine, Science and Society (2010)

Making Sense of Race in Medicine: Genetic versus Social Explanations for Breast Cancer Disparities
Vani Kilakkathi, Human Biology (2008) 

Re-looking Undergraduate STEM Education Reform at Brown University
Elizabeth Schibuk, Science and Society (2008)

Prometheseus-9: Implications of Nanotechnology as Perceived by Nano-Scientists

Mara Averick, Science and Society, with Honors (2007)

Science Studies Education
Kara Wentworth, Human Biology: Race and Gender (2005) 

Sequencing the Trellis: The Production of Race in the New Human Genomics

Brady Dunklee, Independent Concentration in "Productions of Biological Knowledge," with Honors (2003)