All That Rises

Rosa CuchilloRosa CuchilloAll That Rises is an opportunity to bring together international guests as a means of illuminating global perspectives. We have a special interest in artists who work towards social change - who view creative writing in continuum with the social sciences and advocacy for justice.

Artists  meet with and work with students in classes and workshops, and  give public performances which are open to the community. All That Rises is co-sponsored by TAPS, the Creative Arts Council, and the Office of International Affairs.

Please see the link for information on ALL THAT RISES: INTERNATIONAL ART AND SOCIAL CHANGE, 2013 beginning September 11, 2013.

2012 Series:


September 29-30, 2012 and November 19-20, 2012 coincide with Erik Ehn's "Soulographie"

This year All That Rises (ATR) becomes the umbrella for performances, conversations and workshops that bring guests in on an international basis, all of whom experiment at a high level of esthetic precision and risk, and who likewise represent exemplary expansions of the conventional means of production and audience interaction. ATR looks to fuse performance, ethics, activism and organization of the public space through engaged dialogue.

September 29-30
A Question of Scale – Small spaces, portable productions, deep thinking

Timed to coincide with the FirstWorks' Festival on the Plaza, our first ATR centers on ways of developing readable scale by aggregating the small into larger assemblages. We're bringing in puppeteers from Indonesia, Spain and Los Angles; their artifacts are of various sizes – but the theater they make is portable, multi-disciplinary, cross-border, and of a piece with a current vitalization of puppetry as a medium. Jeff Jones and Normandy Sherwood run small theaters in NY with substantial impact (the Little Theater and National Theater of the United States, respectively). Through writing and puppet-making workshops, performance, and public discussions, they will interact with Brown/Providence communities to share methods, motives and manifestoes.


Saturday, September 29

10am: Puppet Workshops with Paper Moon, Alejandra Prieto Garcia and Automata at Exposé, 204 Westminster Street 

2-6pm: writing workshops with Jeff Jones and Normandy Sherwood in Lyman Hall 

Dinner Break and a time to visit the Festival on the Plaza 

7pm: "When a Priest Marries a Witch" a performance by Suzanne Bocanegra featuring Paul Lazar, in McCormack Family Theater 

4-11pm: the Festival on the Plaza continues

Sunday, September 30

Noon-3pm-- Presentations and discussions with artists led by Charlotte Meehan, Wheaton College in McCormack Family Theater 

4 pm – Papermoon performs at RISD Auditorium

All That Rises: November 19- 20
Art and Healing

"Soulographie""Soulographie"International panels on uses of performance and visual art in address to healing from trauma, especially in cases of genocide and war. These panels coincide with Soulographie: Our Genocides, a project beingdeveloped in part by Brown, featuring the theatrical work of Erik Ehn (writer) and Kym Moore (director).

Soulographie (20 years worth of writing by Ehn) is being built by 17 companies, with artists from across America, Uganda, Poland and Spain. A piece of it – Yermedea – features Brown students and alums. Soulographie premieres in NY at La MaMa, Nov 11-18 2012.

The panels are an indispensible aspect of performances. The works themselves are expressionistic, but point to real history (particular genocides). We need to use performances as a springboard to deeper study, as well as to vent any trauma or confusion that arises.

Guest speakers come from Mexico (Violeta Luna), Northern Ireland (Pauline Ross), Serbia (Dijana Milosevic), Argentina (Claudia Bernardi) and Uganda (George Ongom). They have extensive experience in connection with art and healing; they have a long term relationship with Soulographie material.

One panel will take place in NY (closing day of Soulographie), and another in Providence on November 20.

The panel in Providence supports the work of Kym Moore, who directs Ehn's Yermedea(part of our mainstage season). Maria Kizito (another Soulographie play) is also being workshopped at Brown in concert with the residency of a cohort of Ugandan performers. The panel is open to Brown and the Providence community. The panel in NY bring Brown's name into the city, and follows through on the alumni outreach embedded in our use of alumni actors in Yermedea.