Christine Mok

Christine MokChristine MokChristine Mok is a dramaturg and scholar.  She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in theatre and performance studies at Brown University. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism from the Yale School of Drama. Since graduating from Yale, she has lent her dramaturgical skills to various rehearsal spaces, ivory towers and museums. Her recent dramaturgy credits include The Babbel Project by Tea Alagic (NYU), That Pretty Pretty; Or the Rape Play by Sheila Callahan (Brown/Trinity Consortium), Bad Money by Meg Miroshnik (NPF 1.25) and Beautiful Day by A. Rey Pamatmat (Ma-Yi).  She is the resident dramaturg and a founding member of the theatrical design collective Wingspace.  In her spare time, she also commits small acts of (costume) design.

My qualifying areas are the following: Reza Abdoh, and After, Asian American Cultural Production, and Phototheatricality: Cindy Sherman, Nikki S. Lee and Adrian Piper. My dissertation will look at antitheatricality in contemporary Asian American performance.