New Course Offerings

Spring 2016





TAPS 1355 Indian Classical Performance
Mon and Weds 10-11:50am

This course will explore the study of Natyasastra as a text for application, as well as, the intersection between theory and practice, with special reference to the contemplative aspects of performance. Students will review and analyze the text with explicit and implicit inferences. Thus, drawing parallels between the basic principles of performance in the Indian traditions and yoga. Analysis of the basic tenets of Natyasastra exploring the physical training routines, for stylized representation of movement and mimesis.



MES 1450MES 1450
MES 1450 (crosslisted with TAPS) 
The Archival of Gestures
Tu/Th 2:30-3:50pm

Often people think about archives as static spaces. How to develop a gestural archive able to translate instances and desires of justice? This course provides students with a theoretical and practical background on the archival of gestures in performance and the role that artists-archivists can play in contributing to change through exploring and problematizing social and political memories. We explore how Arab artists have sought and investigated this role after the “Arab Spring” and of civil disobedience against Arab regimes. We then look closely at a series of performance works, by Arab, Israeli and international artists. No dance experience required. DPLL